Choosing a cordless tiller for your garden cultivation needs

Cordless electric garden tillers allow users to operate with almost complete freedom since they are light, quiet, easy to operate and free from encumbrances such as electrical cords.

Though these machines are not nearly as powerful as gas-powered tillers, they are perfect for many cultivating tasks. However, you should be sure that a cordless garden tiller is appropriate for your needs before you purchase one.

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Size and power of cordless electric garden tillers

The majority of cordless electric tillers are rated very similarly in terms of power.

The standard used in measuring the battery power of these machines is volts. Most of these tillers are rated between 18 and 20 volts, which is enough power for most light-duty cultivating and weeding applications.

Cordless tillers are not as powerful as corded machines, and they should not be used for bigger tilling jobs.

On the other hand, cordless tillers are completely portable, very light and quite easy for most operators to handle. These machines are very simple to use, but they are only useful as long as they have battery power.

How do cordless tillers compare to corded electric tillers?

Among the three major types of tillers available, cordless tillers are the least powerful, but they are the most portable.

They are also the easiest to operate. This is because they are based on very simple designs that involve very few moving parts. As long as you have a battery charge, you can till and cultivate for as long as necessary.

Cordless electric tillers are more powerful and versatile than cordless models, but they must be tethered to an electrical outlet at all times by a cord no longer than 100 feet.

If you have garden plots of flower beds far away from electrical outlets, corded models will be rendered useless. However, cordless models can easily be taken to the furthest reaches of your property to work. Cordless tiller are also less expensive, in general, than their corded counterparts.

Features to look out for in cordless garden tillers

Most of these tillers are very similar to each other, but one major feature that you should consider is the presence of a Lithium Ion battery over a traditional rechargeable battery.

Lithium Ion batteries are able to hold a charge for longer periods of time and they offer more consistent power while in use.

Additionally, these batteries do not require you to run down the charge completely before plugging in again for recharging. Although Lithium Ion batteries offer these advantages, they can result in a higher overall cost.

The other feature you should look for is ergonomic design. The tiller or cultivator should feel light and well-balanced in your hands. If you pick up a display model and it feels bulky or cumbersome, you should probably take a look at some different machines.

Best uses for cordless tillers

As mentioned previously, these tillers are less powerful than gas-powered models and even corded electric tillers.

However, they tend to be lighter, smaller, and much easier to operate for some users. Also, they are significantly more portable than corded electric tillers.

This means that these machines can be taken easily from the garage to the job and back without too much strain.

The drawback is that cordless electric tillers are not suited for sod busting and heavy earth turning jobs.

Cordless tiller in use
Cordless tiller in use between rows of vegetables

The most common use for these machines is basic garden cultivation.

Because cordless tillers are so simple to handle and so small, they can be used easily in the rows between vegetables, plants and flowers without the fear of potential damage.

Cordless tillers are also wonderful for weeding. If you have ever spent a day on your hands and knees pulling weeds out of your garden, you can definitely appreciate the ability of a cordless tiller to take out weeds quickly and efficiently.

For many people, cordless electric tillers work best as complementary tools to their larger garden implements. More powerful tillers can be brought in when soil needs turning and sod requires busting. Then, cordless electric tillers can be used after planting for weeding, cultivation and other jobs under the banner of fine tuning.

Summing up

Cordless electric tillers are not the most powerful implements in the world of gardening, but they serve a purpose.

If you need a machine to help you loosen up your garden soil, and help you get rid of weeds, a cordless tiller could be just what you need. These machines are light, easy to operate, inexpensive and wonderful for many light-duty gardening chores.

Recommended Cordless Tiller Models

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