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The best outdoor power equipment available online

Outdoor Power Buddy does not aim to cover every single model of lawn mower, chainsaw, leaf blower, garden tiller and so on that you can buy.

The market for each type of outdoor power tool is pretty much saturated with tens, sometimes hundreds, of different models, many of which have little to distinguish one from another.

So, instead of filling the site with details of every single model there is, we focus instead on providing you with:

  • detailed information about how to choose the right outdoor power equipment product for your needs, and
  • detailed information about the individual outdoor power equipment models that we think are worth giving your attention to.

Outdoor Power Buddy covers the full range of powered garden tools for year round garden and landscape maintenance:

The best chain saws

Makita chainsaw
We show you has to choose the best chain saw and feature the top chainsaw models available online. We look at the best gas powered and the best electric and cordless chain saws and help you select the type and model of chainsaw you need. We also help you find a great bargain with a selection of excellent refurbished chainsaws.

The best lawn mowers

Outdoor power equipment: lawn mowers
Gas powered, electric, cordless – we give you the know-how to choose the very best lawn mower for your needs. And we give you detailed reviews of the very best models.

The best garden tillers

Troy Bilt Garden Tiller TB154
Most of the other outdoor power equipment is connected with clearing up and disposing of your garden materials. Tillers are different. They help you prepare the ground to grow something new. We show you what to look for when selecting the best garden tiller and introduce you to the best electric and gas powered tillers around.

The best leaf blowers

Husqvarna Backpack Leaf Blower
As well as covering the various types of leaf blower and how to chose the best leaf blower to suit your needs, we feature detailed reviews of the best gas leaf blowers, cordless leaf blowers, electric leaf blowers and backpack leaf blowers.

The best string trimmers

Outdoor power equipment: string trimmer
From slashing weeds and brush to perfecting lawn edges, these are versatile and varied tools. There are gas, electric, cordless and even walk-behind models. Choosing the best string trimmer requires careful consideration. We show you how to choose and we review the best models in each class.

The best garden chipper shredders

Patriot CSV 2515 1H450
Again, you’ll find guidance on buying the best garden chipper shredder and a detailed look at the best in class garden chippers, shredders and mulchers out there on the market today.

The best lawn edgers

Outdoor power equipment: lawn edger
If you have a lot of edges to keep neat and you recognize the boost to you garden that sharp edges can bring, you’ll appreciate the value of finding the best lawn edger for the job. We show you how to choose from the various types – walk behind, hand held, electric, cordless gas powered.

The best log splitters

Powerhouse Xm 380 Log Splitter
Helping you get the best log splitter for preparing your winter fuel and or lumber, we look closely at the best hydraulic log splitters, and the best electric and gas power models.

The best hedge trimmers

Tanaka Hedge Trimmer THT 2000
Again, the choice is between the best cordless, electric and gas powered hedge trimmers. We help you find the best hedge trimmer for your particular needs.

Look out also for our guidance on buying the best pressure washer and our featured refurbished pressures washers, which can provide some of the best bargains around.

The language of outdoor power equipment

Almost all areas of technology develop a language of their own and the worlds of outdoor power equipment and powered garden tools are certainly no exceptions.

This language, of course, is fine for the technologists, for the insiders, as it helps them communicate easily amongst themselves.

But for the rest of us – the consumers and users of the products – it presents a real barrier to understanding.

I still find it amazing that, for example, that manufacturers publish sales literature telling us that their products feature things like:

  • inertia blade brakes
  • auto-traction control
  • motion control levers.

Yet they don’t really explain what things things are and what they do.

And, of course, many of the outdoor power equipment sales outlets online merely repeat the manufacturers blurbs, perpetuating the confusion.

But there is also another aspect to this.

Not only has one specialized language developed across the whole field of outdoor power technology, different languages (perhaps we should call them dialects) have developed within the different manufacturers.

So, as a way of distinguishing its product from the competition, manufacturer ‘A’ might refer to its patented ‘hyper-rotational air handler’ , whereas Manufacturer B refers to its ‘quiet-spin fan drive’, when in fact they are both referring to the fan or impeller component in a leaf blower.

One of the core aims of Outdoor Power Buddy is to cut through this language barrier and to translate the techno-babble into something we can all understand.

The perfect toolshed

I suppose that fundamentally OutdoorPowerBuddy.com is aimed at helping you put together the perfect range of tools for the perfect toolshed.

Of course, what is perfect for me may not be perfect for you, but with this site we aim to give you what you need to help you choose the tools for all your needs.

That said, I have put together something of a perfect toolshed selection, which you’ll find it here in my OutdoorPowerBuddy.com Amazon Wish List.

I’ve included a range of different kinds of tools in each category, but what they have in common is that they are all quality products.

Of course the list will change from time to time but there are some absolutely solid outdoor power equipment choices there.